Tabone, Bonello, Pisani & Spiteri clinch Rank 3 Series titles

Christ Tabone

Christ Tabone claimed victory over Kevin Mercieca in the final of the third ranking tournament of the season. Tabone was in good form and lead throughout the game winning 8-5. Thanks to this victory Tabone secured a place in the national team that will be representing Malta in the European Championships being held in our country between the 18th and 23rd February.

Click link below to watch the final

Christ Tabone vs Kevin Mercieca

Marco Bonello

In the Over 50’s final veteran Marco Bonello claimed his first title of Over 50’s cateogry beating Marcel Micallef 8-3 in the final. Bonello moved to third place in the ranking list which is headed by Christ Mills followed by Alfred Attard.

Ryan Pisani

Ryan Pisani kept his winning stride in the Under 23’s category winning his second consecutive tournament of the season this time beating Soctt Muscat 8-2 in the final. Thanks to this victory Pisani jumped into the first place of the category’s ranking points list.

Christian Spiteri

In the Under 18’s category Christian Spiteri grabbed the third tournament of the season. Spiteri ended the tournament at the top of the table tied in points with Rudger Xerri and Elcid Aquilina but he edged his colleagues with a frame difference. Rudger Xerri ended second thanks to his victory again Elcid Aquilina. In the ranking points list Aquilina kept steadily the top spot followed by Christian Spiteri.