Aquilina Senior & Junior, Pisani and Grech register wins in Rank Series 4

Antione Cuschieri

Antione Aquilina, booked a place in the national team that will be representing Malta in the coming European Championships being held in our country, thanks to a victory in the fourth series of the Mens Category Ranking Tournament. In the final Aquilina had the better of Warren Falzon with an 8-5 victory. Aquilina was solid throughout the game and kept his merit consistency in qualifying into the national team and representing our country in the international sphere.

Click below link to watch the final

Antione Aquilina vs Warren Falzon


Ryan Pisani


Ryan Pisani registered a remarkable victory of the category’s fourth ranking tournament. Thralling 2-7 Pisani produced a thrilling comeback to beat Scott Muscat 8-7. This was the third Under 23’s tournament victory in a row for Pisani who consolidated his number one spot in the category ranking list.


Brian Grech
Veteran Brian Grech registered a convincing 8-2 victory over Christ Mills in the final of the Over 50’s category. Thanks to this victory Grech secured a place in the national Over 50’s A team that will be representing Malta in the European Championships being held in our country this coming February
Elcid Aquilina


Elcid Aquilina overwhelmed all his counterparts and went on to win his third tournament of the season on maximum points heading second placed Christian Spiteri and Rudger Xerri who placed third.