The Malta Pool Association (MPA) was founded in July 1989. The idea to build an association originated from John Vella whom together with Joseph Barbuto and Vincent Degiorgio set up a formation committee consisting of six volunteers which included the following members:

John Vella, Joseph Barbuto, Vincent Degiorgio, Peter Campbell, Albert Xuereb, Carmel Cilia, Brian Grech and Silvio Grech

In 1990 the first executive committee was elected at the first Annual General Meeting of the association.


First executive committee of the Malta Pool Association. From left Silvio Grech, Brian Grech, J.C Sullivan (Treasurer), Peter Campbell (President), Joe Zammit Tabona (Sponsor), Vincent Degiorgio (Secretary), John Vella, Carmel Cilia

The MPA is the governing body for Pool in Malta and the aim and objective of the association is to stimulate interest in and promoting the game of Pool Tables, known as Eight-Ball and Nine Ball.

The adoption of uniform rules and laws along the parameters are the main goals and the fundamental principles of the association.

Since 1996 the MPA has been acknowledged and affiliated to the Malta Olympic Committee. Internationally the MPA has been fully recognized and affiliated to the European Eight-Ball Pool Federation and the World Eight-Ball Pool Federation since 1997. The association is also registered and recognized by Sportmalta.

The MPA runs the team and singles leagues national championships and maintains the national squads that represent Malta in the annual European & World Championships and other International Events.